Tuesday, April 21, 2009


omg to the inth degree....

who want*s to go w/ me?
i can*t saturday
but i want to go sunday.
anyone want to carpool?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

principe de cafe

...so I just finished "Coffee Prince." It's the first Korean Drama I have ever watched, and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. The premise is ridiculous , but what else can you expect in a soap opera? :) It's got mistaken identity, a little "Pride & Prejudice" romance and a whole lot of awkward moments. The characters were endearing & at the end I found myself wishing it wasn’t over.
The basic plot is Eun Chan is the older sister of a single parent household. She helps her mom and younger sister survive by working multiple jobs. Her nature is very tom-boy-ish, and most of the time people never know if she is a boy or girl. Eventually she hooks up with the main leading man who thinks she is a boy, and asks "him" to work at his coffee shop. The catch is all the staff have to be guys as that's the point of their theme, thus the name Coffee "Prince". Eun Chan decides this would be a good chance to earn more money for her family, so she proceeds to hide her true identity. What eventually happens is Eun Chan and the manager start to fall in love...thus questioning the manager's heterosexuality (he's not gay, but goes nuts thinking he is). And this basically leads to all sorts of crazy situations. It's quite a story as you get into it...and deals with complex issues with love and sexuality. But the main reason this drama has become one of my favorites are the characters. You really get involved with each and every one...and each has special story to tell.
If you are interested in asian dramas, you definitely have to check this one out!