Monday, June 21, 2010

manic monday

Here's another time "wasting" favorite: The Dieline
A website entirely devoted to beautiful and innovative packaging. It's complete genius eye candy.

Currently I am lusting this packaging design for earbuds...


  1. That really is of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments. In a similar vain I always get a dose of inspiration from :

    sorry to add to your daily temptations...:) Speaking of which I'm very tempted to take up your 'join in' offer of themed photographs... always a side line passion of mine... but sadly I know any free time I get will be for illustrations first and foremost. I hate how my camera is gathering dust of late. If I might keep an eye on your blog and pipe up if I ever have a photo o share that'd be great...?! Meanwhile I look forward to seeing the world through your lens :)

  2. Thanks Matt. I will have to check it out
    And in regards to the photo challenge, it looks like I will just be challenging myself. Maybe to make it interactive, I'll have other people choose the subject. And your input is ALWAYS whatever form it takes. :)