Monday, May 11, 2009

los angeles es unico

my top five for unique l.a....

Finally getting around to posting my review of the Unique L.A. trip, which btw, was fun. So many creative people! It was really inspiring and made me want to start making things myself. Overall, very cool and yes, unique. Adriana and I actually ended up walking over four hours so we could see everything and then went out to the fashion district where I got myself some very cool D&G knock off sunglasses...just saying. :)So I'm going to be like Oprah and share some of my "favorite things" from the event (in no particular order) You will notice excessive use of the word "cute". I apologise in advance.
What is it about a pretty girl? I would of bought every print. Loved her illustrations and little magnets.
Go to her etsy will make you wish you had taken more art classes in college.

P.O.P. Candy.
Butter crunch heaven. Seriously. They melt in your mouth and have you instantly craving more. The rosemary & thyme were not bad, but my absolute favorite was the almond butter flavor. I tried to make mine last, but they barely even made it the trip home.

Rock Scissor Paper
Lots of cute stationery, notebooks, greeting cards, mugs, etc. with original illustrations and an unique, colorful

Quiet Doing
For music lovers. Wallets, key chains, bags, etc. with records, cassette tapes, and turntables. They also had the cutest ipod cases…unfortunately, not for a touch or iphone....yet

Rachel Austin
She creates really cute mixed media paintings two things I really like: maps and birds. But she uses other images of flying objects, like paper airplanes.

Again I stress that there was so many truly beautiful and creative people. This is just a tiny slice of the Unique L.A. pie.

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  1. ah these are good choices. i actually helped tawny and casey set up for quiet doing on friday and saturday and soon as i got the moment i left the place. for me, it was too crowded and i couldn't handle it :P
    i was going to call and say hey let's meet up but i couldn't do more than an hour inside @_@