Wednesday, May 13, 2009

tienes estilo?

I love when other bloggers do outfit posts. There are some really creative people out there. And although I don’t hate my entire wardrobe, I def. wish I could afford a new one...:)

Last week I was spring cleaning and decided to purge my closet of all the old clothes that either don’t fit anymore or I just never wear. When I finished, I noticed that literally more than half of my clothes are black, half gray and/or white and very few pieces have any color. I also realized I only own two dresses.

So I bought a bright, flowery spring dress at H&M as a mother’s day gift to myself. I love it! It has the color I so desperatly need in my life. ;)

In this vein, I wanted to start trying a street style segment…but I’m too shy too ask random strangers to pose for me, so I end up take pictures like this:

venice beach street style day my friends, one day.

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