Thursday, June 4, 2009


this describes me in every way:


Summer is here & besides enjoying the outdoors with my son, I have been looking at projects for my apartment. I have found inspiration all over! But, expecially lately, I have been spending most of my internet time browsing through design*sponge's before & afters.

I love this mural. It gives the bedroom such a calm, organic feel. I def. want to try this in my room...but since I am still an apartment dweller and painting walls is not an option, I'm going to start with something smaller and simpler...upholstery! This week I have started looking for red patterned fabrics to add color to the two drab & dirty barstools in my kitchen.

Another "distraction"...and a favorite, is FaceOut Books. Have you seen their website? If you like books, or design, or pretty things, you need to. Trust me. It is all about beautiful book cover designs. The most recent featured design is for Farber&Farber's 80th Poetry Series. I am in love with this collection. The designs are so...lovely! lol. My birthday is coming up, anyone want to buy it for me?

I am really shameless.

Well, I have a lot more, but the boy just woke up from his morning nap,
which means it's time to go to the park & enjoy the sun!

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